What is the purpose of tryouts?

SDFA holds tryouts to help place players interested in playing competitive soccer for SDFA into the appropriate levels of play. Our club values the individual development of each player in the club and try-outs are an important part of the process. Placing players at the appropriate level of play helps them maximize their potential and contribute to their team. There are many strong teams at SDFA, especially in the 7v7 and 9v9 formats. 

When are tryouts held?

Tryouts for the younger age groups are usually held December-January. Older age groups are held in April. You can check out website for dates.

If you missed tryouts, you can also look at our website for any teams still looking for players or contact the coach to participate in Open Practice.

What are coaches looking for?

Coaches are looking for players whose skill set aligns with the club philosophy. They are looking for players who have skills and abilities on the field that meet the demands of the game. Coaches are looking for players who show the athleticism, work rate and the desire necessary to play the game with the skills we feel are important to play soccer at a competitive level. They also look to find kids who are coachable and work well in a team atmosphere.