What makes SDFA different?

We are a small Boutique club.

On purpose.

·       Coaches need to know each player individually in order to cultivate the most out of each player.

·       Each player needs time with quality coaches

·       We will not have more than 2 teams per age group.

The entire club plays and practices together at the same field.

·       We play and practice at a large field at Mesa Verde Middle School`.

·       Fields are easily accessible off the 56. (Map)

·       We are not continually changing practice sites.

·       Our fields get a lot of usage and maintaining them is an ongoing effort. We are committed to working with other stakeholders on improving them.

We value player development over winning in the short-term.

·       This can be frustrating for some parents, so SDFA isn’t a good fit for everybody.

·       Yes, we want to win, but we won’t sacrifice our values to win.

·       We want our teams playing against difficult competition in order to improve.

·       Over time our teams win games, difficult leagues, and tournaments.