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Coast Soccer League Announcement

Coast Soccer League is committed to having a fall season.

We understand, however, that the timing and nature of youth soccer this season will need to be adjusted to ensure we can safely go back to the game we all love.

We plan to schedule the soccer games that make up the fall season as per normal circumstances--beginning September 12th and playing on through just before Thanksgiving for high-schoolers, and through early December for the younger teams.

We will continue to monitor events and directives as they unfold and adjust the schedule by either pushing games back and/or extending the season to ensure everyone can enjoy the game in a safe and appropriate way.


We fully expect that “social distancing” will continue for adults during the 2020-21 season and appropriate measures will be outlined for all families, ahead of the season getting underway. It is likely that parents will be encouraged to keep wearing face masks while watching games, out of courtesy to the other spectators. Handshakes before and after games will not take place.

Teams will still need to sign up online by June 15th if they believe they may be able to field a team once play begins; whether that is on September 12th or later.



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