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Mission Statement

We strive to provide an environment where both players and parents feel appreciated and valued. Our coaches and directors not only work to enhance each child's soccer ability, but also to help them mature and grow into a well-rounded adult on and off the field. Our goals are for all FCGS players to either pursue a career in professional soccer or successfully attend a university.


F.C. Golden State believes that every child should have the opportunity to receive the best training from quality coaches at a superb value. We believe each child should have the opportunity to compete at their highest level. Our success and enjoyment comes when children and young adults develop into highly talented soccer players with a strong passion for the game. If you are currently playing or looking to join a club that will enhance your soccer skills, then please contact us. We are certain that our family orientated atmosphere will be a great place for your child to develop their skills as well as their competitive edge. Serious soccer for serious soccer players!

Club Philosophy

FC Golden State is a community-based organization that strives to provide a competitive platform for players of both genders, skill level and all backgrounds to develop and grow in soccer and life.  FC Golden State believes in creating a challenging and player center environment for the members to learn and develop at an enhanced rate.

FC Golden State goal is to provide a platform for players to be the best version of themselves which will provide avenues for the members to move forward and upward not only in soccer, but also in life. 

FC Golden State strives to create amazing human beings and soccer players through the culture and structure that is provided!!

Teaching & Coaching Philosophy

We, at FC Golden State strive to provide a player centered environment with a holistic teaching approach to challenge and educate the players on and of the field.  Through education, we provide the knowledge for players to know their roles and functions of the game, we continuously ask them questions to problem solve. 

We believe in the play, practice play model so that all learners can excel and grow in the process. 


With a nurturing and developmental  approach to the game, we aim to achieve the maximum growth of the individual player on and off the field.  


Our Key Principles are instrumental in teaching.  Players must always be focused during training and games.  They must be coachable in all areas of game and life in general. We set up achievable goals for the individual and teams to achieve, which makes the players goal oriented.  Players must have self responsibility when training, playing in games, traveling, self reporting and in all aspects of life. 


We hope to develop problem solvers and players that can think on their own during the game.  We hope that as players move on to different coaches and play different styles of play, they will be equipped  to adjust and succeed under any coach and situation.

Key Principles:






G-oal oriented


S-elf responsibility

See you on the Fields,
Robert Friedland

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